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In today’s dynamic business environment, it is becoming increasingly incumbent on the finance function to demonstrate value it adds to the company’s value creation and conservation decision. The question is “how has your finance function performed these roles?” This is the main challenge of Cambodian companies. The following diagram is the summary of Finance Functions’ roles in value creation and conservation.

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We have strategically designed our services based on the key roles of finance functions in creating and conserving company value:

Finance Functions Performance Assessment & Analysis

A comprehensive diagnostic of your finance functions to identify key issues and improvement priorities to align with company strategy and management requirements. PCG has developed a Finance Function Assessment Tool for this service. This tool is built around the roles of Finance Function and its enabling factors (process, people & systems). In addition, this tool is based on the system approach that can be tailored to different nature and size of the company.

Finance Process Excellence

Standard Financial Operating Procedures Development: Improving designs and core processes to optimize speed, accuracy, efficiency and adaptability across the finance function. In addition, to achieve cost saving through alignment of finance processes and removal of inefficiencies.

Accounting System Design: Improving the speed, accountability, transparency, control, consistency, and quality of financial reporting process chain by entirely redesigning or fining-tune the existing account information system.

Facilitating the conversion to Cambodia International Financial Reporting Standards (CIFRS) or CIFRS for SMEs.

Finance Systems

Working in partnership with our key partners, we have a team of experienced consultants who have capability across several enterprise-wide financial tools, including Infor and Sage ERP (for corporations), and SMEs’ accounting software, in QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Banhji.  The services include (but not limited to):

  • A consulting support on development of finance business and system requirements
  • Development and/or implementation support of finance systems strategies.

Financial Modelling

The holistic approaches and strategic decision making tools tailored to your business issues to ease your value creation decision making processes. Our issued-led financial modelling offering include model build and model review services to address your business issues across all relevant business areas, which can be grouped into three main dimensions:

  • Managing the business: Cash Flow Modelling, Capital Expenditure and working capital review, Budgeting, Forecasting and management reporting, and KPIs development.
  • Strategic Decisions: Strategic options analysis, scenario analyse, Model review, product/ service cost & profitability, pricing analysis, KPIs development and cost analysis.
  • Shaping the Business: Sensitivity analysis, valuation, acquisitions, disposal, and joint ventures.

Financial Due Diligent

Focusing on critical success factors and measure quality and reliability of historical and forecasted financial performance.

Working Capital Improvement

Providing extensive experience and comprehensive tools to fine tune your working capital performance, by sustainably decrease working capital, improve liquidity and improve return on capital employed. There are three aspect of this work, which are (1) transforming resilient system, processes and policies, (2) optimizing performance measurement and compliance, and (3) improving forecasting and monitoring cash flow.